What is the MRF?

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation is our trusted partner in Washington, D.C. with office staff and full-time lobbyist dedicated solely to monitoring federal-level legislation that may impact the rights of motorcyclists.

The MRF is a non-profit and relies on membership dues, donations from state-level MROs (including the SCVR), and other fundraisers to pay their bills.  The MRF has a bi-monthly newsletter packed with valuable information and email alerts you can sign up for to get communications on pending legislation or other updates that might require member follow-up to representatives.

We encourage the members of SCVR to become members of the MRF and to attend the Bikers Inside the Beltway lobbying event in Washington, D.C. each May and the several  conferences they host to better understand how to become even more politically engaged and be more knowledgeable as a voting citizen.

Membership options:

  • Annual Individual Membership $35.00
  • Annual Joint Membership $60.00
  • Annual Sustaining Membership $100.00   
  • Sustaining Membership Club $100.00             
  • Annual Industry Council Membership $100.00         
  • 3 Year Individual Membership $95.00
  • 3 Year Joint Membership $140.00

Join online today or Download and print our membership application in PDF format

**You can also come to an SCVR general membership meeting to get an application or ask questions.

Minnesota Riders

Minnesota State Legislation

“No man’s life, liberty or property are safe while the legislature is in session.”– Gideon J. Tucker

Who represents me?

Contact your State Representative

Contact your State Senator

During the year The MN Legislative Director will follow and respond to the Membership of SCVR in answering questions regarding bills being introduced and discussed in our state as well as at the federal level of Government. It is our mission at SCVR to protect our right to ride, right to repair, right to choose, right to live as we live and our right to be protected from profiling by law enforcement.

Most of these rights have been preserved by our organization and its affiliation with other SMRO’s and National Level Organizations such as Motorcycle Riders Association or M.R.F!

Call to actions mean that when MRF needs all SMRO’s to pull together we do. That is what makes us strong and effective. When you see a post of Facebook from your MN Legislative Director starting with “Call to Action”, you are being asked to read the post and follow what we are asking you to do. That is the whole reason for our Rights Organization, to sound our voice and to stand together!

If you are a Congressional Member in the Senate or House of Representatives and you believe in helping our Organization through Advocating for us, education or tipping us off to a new Bill being introduced that may affect our rights and way of life then please email the MN Legislative Director. You will find that email link on the Contacts page of this website.

If you are a member of SCVR or anyone wanting to help us fight for your rights, please email the MN legislative Director with your concerns or intentions. You will find that email link in the contacts section of this website.

If you ride anything that’s considered a recreational vehicle such as snowmobiles, side by sides, motocross, fishing boat, etc. You get the idea, then you need to consider joining SCVR as a paid member. Why you ask? Because all of our rights are constantly being questioned because of the movement in this country to go Green. Although solar and wind power have a place in this world it wouldn’t be prudent to try and go all in on those technologies.

Peace and Ride Safe! Two Wheels Down!

Wisconsin State Legisation

As in the state of Minnesota and Wisconsin we also follow legistation, keeping an eye out for motorcycle related language, and build relationships with Wisconsin State Legislators. Wisconsin is known to not add road guards for bike runs, and currently SCVR Wisconsin Legislative Director is working with congress and trying to develop new language for a bill. This bill will allow road guards in the state of Wisconsin for bike runs in the State.


It’s proven that “Road Guards” at intersections during bike run’s saves lives