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28th Annual Chili Feed – September 7th & 8th

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It’s that time of the year to sign up for working at the Chili Feed.
You get reimbursed your $45 pre-purchased ticket! YOU must contact the Chair.

1. Choose what you will volunteer for.
2. Send a personal message to the Chair and/or Co-Chair for the position you would like, with your availability, email address and phone number.

Bike Games: Chuck Riesselman
Chili – P
rep/Cooking: Diana Lynn Berberich
Chili – Serving: Jeannine Maurer
Ducks: Wendy ‘Robertson’ Holland
First Aid: Truman Clute
Garbage detail: Julie Rice
Gates: Cindy J and Beverly Sargent

Membership/Info Table: Angela Meuwissen-pirri
Merchandise: Michelle McGowan Moreno
Parking: Christy DeCamp
Pre-Chili Feed Fence setting etc: Mark Koon
Security: Kim Neal


2018 General Membership Meeting Minutes

2018 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

2018 Event Calendar