The St. Croix Valley Riders is a motorcycle rights organization that believes in education not legislation. We believe that motorcyclists with proper training and experience, can operate motorcycles in a safer manner than mandates by the state, required equipment and regulations.

Bikers, both novice and experienced, can benefit by attending and completing Motorcycle Safety Foundation sponsored courses. Also, successful completion of rider education courses may result in lower premiums by select insurance companies.

St. Croix Valley Riders reimburses members the cost upon successful completion. Courses must be Motorcycle Safety Foundation approved. Classes other than MMSC will only be reimbursed up to the cost of an MMSC corresponding course.

Rules for rider reimbursement:

  • Has to be a member in good standing with SCVR for 3 consecutive years (prior or prepaid).
  • Must get reimbursement before 12/31 of the year the class was taken.
  • Must be a member at time of class registration.
  • Reimbursement shall be for actual cost of training, not to exceed 20% above the lesser of MN/WI state sponsored MSF rider course fee.
  • We will reimburse for all MSF recognized and further safety education rider training, only upon passing the class.
  • Members must attend a meeting to collect reimbursement, and present current membership card, receipt for payment, and signed course completion card.

Become a member! Take a course! Ride safe!

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Randy Swenson, Rider Education